We sell LME price Copper cathode Purity Copper (Cu) Grade A, 99.99%

We sell LME price Copper cathode Purity Copper (Cu) Grade A, 99.99%

Model No.︰Copper Cathode

Brand Name︰Purity Copper (Cu) Grade A, 99.99%

Country of Origin︰Iran

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰10000 pc

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Product Description

 Mobile : 0033762587919

Specifications︰ Dear Sir,

Thank you for your kind mail, please find our proposal this condition is available only for 48h00.

Loading port: Iran, Latin America, Africa
Deliveries on FOB terms (Inco terms latest revision)
Price: USD$ pmt
Present monthly quantity 10 000 MT. Expectations for more.
Origin : Latin America & Africa .
Ready for signing an agreement second half of December. Exact date a.s.a.p..
Deliveries starts in January, get back more specifically on dates a.s.a.p..
Purity Copper (Cu) Grade A, 99.99% Min. form not sure yet.
Regarding your Copper request, here is our usual procedure to follow:

1) LOI is sent from buyer to the TO WHON IT MAY CONCERN

2) Following the LOI, Seller will issue the SCO (Soft Corporation Offer).

3) The Buyer signs the SCO and returns it.

4) The Buyer must issue the ICPO/ with Soft Probe or the ICPO and BCL.
5) The Seller will issue the FCO with full details and signature of the Seller.

6) The Buyer signs the FCO and return it.

7) The Seller will provide the POP (Proof of Product)

8) Follow the procedure on the FCO signed by both parties.
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